CM Book 2 – Postscript


The next morning news began to come in early.  Regular messages from Scotland Yard traced the movements of Mr & Mrs Muldoon. It was clear that they were not making any attempt to hide their movements, thinking themselves safe in their disguises.  At Amelia suggestion, Knott had extended his investigation to all the ports connecting with Ireland. They tracked down the couple to their arrival from the Stranraer ferry, then their leisurely progress down the country. Messages came at regular intervals, and Jane was anxious to go to Scotland Yard the intelligence hub of the survellience operation.  Amelia finally allowed her to go, but insisted that they went together, and so it was that the protagonists Knott, Jones, Amelia and Jane (without Ruddock, Amelia thought with regret) were assembled when the message came through that Beech and Pablo had been arrested. There was an involutary cheer and Jones produced a bottle of brandy to celebrate their success.

It turned out that only a bond for $5,000 was missing, the remainder being discovered intact. Amelia was pleased that her case had been finally solved to her satisfaction (maybe with a couple of loose ends). She was sure that Robert Garstang would make sure Mr Fellini would not be out of pocket and after completing their celebrations, Amelia and Jane set off home to No. 1, Conaught Mews, to ready themselves for their next case.